Aviator: Are you ready to take off?


Have you always dreamed of being behind the wheel of an aeroplane, of feeling the unique spirit of the skies? Then I’m sure Aviator Game will be just the thing to give you that thrill. In this review I will tell you about the features of this game, the rules and how to win.

What is Aviator?

Aviator is a gambling game released by the provider Spribe in 2019. Unlike other gambling games, there are no reels or lines that players are used to. On the contrary, Aviator offers a unique system for the game: on the playing field is an aircraft, which, when taking off, increases the coefficient of your potential payouts.

Visually, the game Aviator is designed as simple as possible as a gambling game. The action takes place on a dark background, which looks like a mathematical graph, at the bottom are the necessary elements for control. The brightest detail is the aircraft itself, made in red, but it does not stand out with special elaboration.

On the one hand, Aviator lacks the colourful boom that is characteristic of slots and other games. On the other hand, this design does not distract players from the most important things and allows them to concentrate on gameplay.

Who is the provider Spribe?

Spribe is a well-known gambling provider and supplier founded in 2018. The company is dedicated to developing innovative products and games for online casinos. They follow the current industry trends and follow the progress.

The case of Spribe provider includes such famous games as Aviator, Hilo, Mines, Dice and Plinko. All of them are different from the usual slots, which once again emphasises the developers’ course of updating the gambling market.

Spribe provider has a licence in 20 countries around the world. This confirms the fact that the company creates honest and licensed products.

pin up aviator rules

What are the rules of Aviator?

The essence of the Aviator game is to predict the final take-off point as closely as possible, having withdrawn your bet beforehand. If the plane takes off before you take your money – it will be burned. At the same time, the duration of one round is from 1 to 40 seconds. During this period of time you need to try to choose the most favourable winnings.

In general, there is nothing complicated about it. The most important thing is to pick the most favourable moment, otherwise you risk being left with nothing. A feature of the Aviator game is the ability to simultaneously make two bets for different amounts. This can increase your winnings several times, but you risk losing both bets.

The mechanics of Pin-Up Aviator is built around testing the player’s intuition, the most important thing here is to suppress unnecessary emotions, including excessive excitement, because for balanced decisions in this game you will need a very clear mind.

What is the maximum possible winnings in Aviator?

As the stakes in the game range from $1 to $100, the maximum winnings can vary. There is no jackpot or bonus game with high multipliers.

The coefficient of the main multiplier grows unevenly, in one round it can be x3 in 30 seconds, in another it can go to x100 in a few moments. Therefore, the potential maximum winnings can be $20,000 – not the highest figure among gambling games, but the chance to get it is much higher. And don’t forget that for this amount, you need to make a maximum bet of $100 in both available slots.

how to play aviator game

How to play Aviator on Pin-Up?

In order to play Aviator on Pin-Up, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Find the official Pin-Up website.
  • Go through the registration process on the platform.
  • Get welcome bonuses in the form of free-spins and deposit.
  • Search on Pin-Up Aviator
  • Learn the rules, place your bet and win!

As you can see, everything is extremely simple with the start of the game. The most important thing is to understand the essence of the game and start with small bets.

What makes Aviator stand out from the rest?

The special feature of Aviator is the gameplay based on a mathematical algorithm. Unlike other gambling games, here you do not have to wait for the end of the round to get the winnings, and by choosing the right moment, you are guaranteed to get the money. True, the odds can vary dramatically.

Payout multiplier in the game is only one, but it is dynamic and depends on the time of the round: in one it can reach x10 in 40 seconds, and in another x70 in 5 seconds. This figure is completely random and it is impossible to calculate it.

This can also include the duration of the round, because in almost all gambling games it lasts on average a few seconds. In Aviator it can stretch as long as 40, which distinguishes the game against the background of competitors.

What are the features of the functionality of the Aviator game?

Don’t be misled by Aviator’s simple design, as the game’s functionality is much more extensive. For example, one of the useful features is Live Statistics. It displays all your winning and losing bets for the game session, the bets of other players, if any, as well as an organised list of all multipliers.

Don’t forget about the autoplay feature, although this feature is often used in slots. In Aviator, autoplay is a flexible auxiliary setting that allows you to bet automatically and, when you get a certain multiplier value, automatically collect your winnings. Very convenient, because you can combine both slots and play in semi-automatic mode: this way you can better control the playing field.

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Is there an Aviator demo?

The Aviator game has a free version for evaluation purposes. To play Aviator demo, you need to go to the Pin-Up website and start the Aviator game. It will automatically start the free mode, if you want to play for real money, use the switch in the top right corner in the game window.

Aviator demo is a great opportunity for all players to experience the gameplay, as well as understand the basic rules and game controls. At the same time, you need to spend your own money on bets, although you will not be able to cash out your winnings either.

How do I withdraw my winnings in Aviator?

There are three ways to withdraw your winnings. For more clarity, please take a look at the table below.

Method Description
Manual Output occurs when the player presses a key during the game
Auto Withdrawal occurs automatically when a certain multiplier is reached
Combined Since there are two betting slots available in the game, the player can easily combine them semi-automatically

Thus, withdrawal of money in the game Aviator is possible in several ways. Which one will be to your liking, decide for yourself.

Are there any bonuses or promo codes for Aviator?

Aviator players can count on a variety of bonuses, which provide online platforms with the game. Among them are:

  • Welcome bonuses in the form of free-spins and deposit bonus for registration
  • Promo codes as part of separate promotions from Pin-Up
  • Cashback, it is credited as a deposit bonus

All these advantages players can use in any game, including Aviator.

What strategies will win at Aviator?

As in any other gambling game, there is no winning strategy in Aviator. Victory can be approximated, but not guaranteed. Depending on your overall playing style, it is recommended to use one of two gaming strategies.

Strategy 1

The first option involves control of the bankroll and game multipliers. As practice shows, the plane begins to take off from the playing field after 2x-3x, less often at higher numbers.

Make small bets, watch the multipliers and gradually increase the amount. This method is characterised by low risk and the possibility of raising a good winnings over time.

Strategy 2

This strategy is suitable for experienced, gambling and risk-taking players. Make a high bet (if you want, you can even the maximum), and wait for the most favourable multiplier. At the same time, if you make a relatively high bet, you can safely stop at 2x-3x to reduce the overall risk.

However, if you trust your intuition, continue to keep yourself in suspense and you may be able to get the long-awaited cash.

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How do I check the integrity of a game?

If gaming licences from providers in 20 countries around the world aren’t enough for you, you can check the integrity of the Aviator game. You can get a report on the integrity of the game by using the in-game statistics. It has a detailed list of your bets and wins/losses, as well as statistics of all players who played with you at the same time.

In addition, Aviator uses the Provably Fair cryptographic algorithm. It calculates each result on the element of chance, thus ensuring that all results are fair.

How to download Aviator to your smartphone

The Aviator game is a multiplatform game. This means that you can easily play it on your smartphone. All you need to play the game is internet access and a browser.

Go to the Pin-Up website, find the game and enjoy the gameplay! Thanks to its excellent optimisation, Aviator can easily be run on any mobile device and the game display will be as comfortable as on a PC or laptop.

I am sure that Aviator will appeal to both beginners and experienced players. The new experience that this game offers, combined with minimalistic visual style and high payouts will not leave anyone indifferent. And the simplicity of the game mechanics combined with a highly functional interface will only emphasise the uniqueness of the game.

Similar games on the Pin-Up platform

If you like the theme of the Aviator game and you’re a fan of non-standard gambling, there are many similar games on the Pin-Up Casino platform. Among them, I would play the following:

  • Plinko
  • Hotline
  • Goal

All of these games offer players unconventional gameplay, which will be new to many and radically different from classic slot machines.

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